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Engineering Capability

EWK offers mechanical and thermodynamic design and analysis procedures to perform engineering tasks efficiently

Mechanical Design and Analysis

Finite element analysis
  • Structural Field Analysis
  • Fluid Field Analysis
    • Intersecting parts / Parts with blocked access
    • Wrongly assembled parts
  • FEA Packages
3D CAD modeling and drawings
  • Faster design process
    • Static
    • Dynamic (steady-state and transient)
    • Vibration
    • Buckling
    • Seismic
  • Fluid Field Analysis
    • Turbulence (temperature distribution)
  • FEA Packages
    • ANSYS®
    • ABAQUS®

Thermodynamic Design

Shell and tube type of heat exchanger
FFlue and tube type of heat exchanger(Waste heat recovery)
Experienced Design by HTRI®

3D CAD Modeling

Sample of 3D CAD for precise simulation of kinematic motion of diverter flap door The motion of several parts can be investigated presciently in detail.
Finite element analysis for structural strength problem of bomb explosion chamber.

Finite element analysis for seismic problem of pressure vessel.
Sample of 3D CAD for precise design of shell & tube heat exchanger.
Finite element analysis for heat transfer problem of thick nozzle0.

CFD Design & Analysis

NTM Separator - Modeling
NTM Separator - Meshing
NTM Separator - Analysis
Heater Reducer - Meshing
Heater Reducer - Analysis